Campbell’s Soup – From your Keurig?

Campbell_Soup_CompositeKeurig Brewers make an excellent incentive reward – whether you are awarded one from a sales contest, a promotion offered by your local bank, or visit a casino special event, everyone seems to be wowed by a Keurig.  You can make a lot of different things with your Keurig, not just coffee or tea, but it can be hot or iced, or even a yummy hot chocolate or latte. How do you feel about soup?

Coming this year, Keurig will be adding a new line from Campbell’s soup.  The companies expect to launch three varieties of the new soup, including Homestyle Chicken Broth & Noodle, in 2014. They also expect Campbell’s Fresh-Brewed Soup will be offered in the same aisles and retail sections of stores where Keurig Brewed® K-Cup® pack varieties are sold.   Would you buy this?

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