Incentives Building Safety Awareness in Construction Industry

Construction Safety Week is observed May 1-5 across the U.S. and Canada by commercial, civil, and residential contractors and their employees. According to event organizers, the week provides the industry an opportunity “to recommit to sending every worker home safe each day.”


It’s also a great opportunity to communicate the critical importance of safety across all industries, and celebrate safe habits through daily briefings, focused training in safe working protocols, and of course, recognition and rewards for safe working practices.


It goes without saying that positive reinforcement and safety programs should go hand in hand. Employee satisfaction research has shown this can be done by reminding your employees that they are truly making a difference and regularly thanking and rewarding them for their commitment to workplace safety.


In working with our clients, we’ve learned that for safety programs to work, employees need to be motivated and committed. By making safety a priority from the beginning of the hiring process, using regular positive reinforcement to thank and educate, and by listening to and acting on employee feedback, companies can establish a recognized culture of safety. This benefits everyone involved, from the company itself to its employees and their families with the objective of “sending every worker home safe each day.”


At All Star Incentive Marketing, we are helping companies create a safe, positive, and healthy work environment with our award winning AllSAFE Safety Recognition and Reward Platform.


Here are some of the results that can be gained with AllSAFE:

  • safer driving
  • fewer accidents/injuries
  • reduced costs
  • improved retention
  • increased training effectiveness
  • PPE compliance
  • enhanced health and wellbeing
  • improved communications

    Our AllSAFE Going Above and Beyond Safety platform is particularly designed for a wide variety of pilot programs, divisional programs, specific job site programs, and contractor programs.


    For companies that desire to have their own custom safety recognition/rewards program at their disposal in helping reduce accidents, injuries, and insurance costs, will find the “AllSAFE Going Above & Beyond” platform an efficient and effective solution.


    In as little as 24 hours, we can provide access to this award-winning custom safety recognition and reward program. It’s a point-based platform in which companies can simply purchase the point vouchers they need, and as they are needed along the way, start rewarding their workforce today for a wide range of safety-related behaviors.


    Interested? Click this link to learn more and view a demonstration video.


Brian Galonek


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