No Distractions: Incentives Promote Safety Behind the Wheel

Distracted Driving - Reward safe drivers
This month we’re observing Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Sponsored by the National Transportation Safety Board and the National Safety Council, the observance is a terrific way to increase knowledge within your company about the dangers that come with distractions while behind the wheel.


It’s also a great time to consider establishing a safe driving incentive program. 


Through our experience, there are many benefits of safe driving incentive programs. They include attracting quality talent and encouraging existing drivers to drive safely. In addition, a safe driving rewards program can improve morale, reduce insurance premiums, improve driver retention, and promote safe driving practices.


Moreover, incentivizing safe driving with a bonus program that periodically rewards the safest truckers is a recipe for success.


In our work with companies and their driver safety incentive programs, one key to success is choosing the right rewards. At All Star Incentive Marketing, we help companies do just that.


Ideally, your rewards should be tailored to match your company’s unique culture. So before choosing incentives for your driver rewards program, it’s a good idea to ask drivers for their input. While some incentive ideas may seem pricey, keep in mind that every prevented accident saves your company thousands of dollars.


In addition, incentives effectively function as driver retention bonuses—they ensure drivers stay motivated, loyal, and engaged.


Many companies start off with widely attainable rewards like custom company apparel and plaques, but even more popular and effective are incentives that can be saved up, like points, and later exchanged for larger ticket rewards, like sporting goods, home goods, and electronics.


Another successful practice is to change up the rewards portfolio throughout the year to keep the program fresh and participants actively engaged – and committed to safe driving.


Beyond observing April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month, companies with strong safety cultures act year-round by reducing risk in areas that protect their employees and the communities in which they operate. Having an effective safe driving incentive program in place is simply good business.


If you always wanted to create a custom safe driving recognition and rewards program to create a safe, positive, and healthy work environment, we have the solutions.


At All Star Incentive Marketing, we create effective, award-winning health and safety campaigns. We believe safety-conscious companies understand what needs to change to enhance workplace safety. For the greatest success in building a safety culture, companies must reinforce safe work practices, build team spirit, promote group interaction, foster positive peer pressure, and engage in constant communication. If you properly motivate employees to be safe, safety improves, and safety-related costs go down.


Brian Galonek


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