Over 18 Million Steps to Wellness


In June 2009 the employees of All Star Incentive Marketing embarked on a 7 month walking program called “Walk to Wellness.”  The steps taken were tracked against a virtual trek along the Appalachian Trail.  At the close of this journey the employees of the All Star Wellness Program walked a total of 18,485,496 steps. This equates to walking the Appalachian Trail up and down a total of 2 times.

The virtual hike was broken into 5 distinct segments from Maine to Georgia. For each segment teams of 5 participants were randomly drawn and aligned.  Unique names were created for each group to add to the team building atmosphere of the walk. Some of the most noteworthy names included Walktoberforce, Mo’Walkin, Are we There Yet, Walk Easy Striders, Take a Hike, Sole Survivors, and Walk the Line.

For those participating in the journey their stepometers became a crucial piece of equipment that they would wear from dawn to dusk.  Every Thursday, with stepometers in hand, participants would report their step activity for the week prior.  These steps were then compiled with those of their team’s members and cumulative team tallies were reported to all participants. Each teams position on the trail was prominently displayed by flags, carrying their team names, pinned to the trail map that was strategically positioned on a large wall map in the main corridor

There were 9 employees who racked up over 1 Million steps each. Showing his enthusiasm for the event the overall leader with the most steps was All Star’s President Brian Galonek with a grand total of 1,774,853 steps.  According to Galonek, “I signed up for the event out of curiosity and a desire to get in better shape but was compelled to excel by the camaraderie of my teammates.  This event was a great builder of team spirit and cooperation.”   

The virtual hike along the Appalachian Trail was just one on the many activities implemented to support All Star’s commitment to the overall health and wellness of its employees promoted through the comprehensive wellness program – “Every Step Counts”.  Wellness program participants are already speculating on the whereabouts of their next journey… who know maybe the Continental Divide Trail or The Great Wall of China! 

All Star Incentive Marketing is committed to helping businesses grow and thrive by engaging, motivating and rewarding the people behind their success. They do this by developing, implementing and managing powerful incentive and engagement programs that drive customer loyalty, employee motivation, sales, safety, and wellness. With a combination of proprietary technology, superior program management, outstanding customer service, unparalleled product sourcing and fulfillment capabilities, All Star maintains leadership in the incentive industry by helping clients exceed their business objectives and achieve a positive return on incentive investment(ROI2).

Heidi Chatfield


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